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Want A Good Night’s Sleep? Buy A Mattress With Confidence.

► Here’s What Makes Select Sleep Mattress Different From The Chain Mattress Stores…

Why Select Sleep Mattress?

Unlike the average mattress store, we don’t force fit you to a limited selection of mattresses on the showroom floor. Instead, we custom fit our mattress materials to you – creating the ideal mattress for your body to get a great night’s sleep.

We’re also not on commission, so there’s never any pressure to buy. Refreshing.

And, should our mattress ever need a comfort adjustment in the future, we can make the changes needed. You just can’t get that with regular mattresses. Perhaps best of all, our mattresses are priced less than off-the-shelf mattresses at the chain stores. Wow!

Visit our showroom to see why SF Bay Area bargain-hunter Henry Tenenbaum says, “Like no other mattress store.”