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Want A Good Night’s Sleep? Buy A Mattress With Confidence.

Why Select Sleep Mattress? There are mattress stores everywhere. But, the chain stores typically only stock a limited number of off-the-shelf mattresses. Their commission-based sales agents often pressure you into trying what’s on display – and picking one. While the bed may seem OK in the showroom, it may well not end up being that comfortable for you when you get it home. Often, you’re stuck. At Select Sleep Mattress, we’re not on commission, and we actually fit our mattress to you – making it an ideal fit for a great night’s sleep. And, should it need to be adjusted for comfort in the future, we can make the changes needed. Good luck getting that exclusive benefit from a chain store. Oh, and our mattresses are priced less than off-the-shelf mattresses at the chain stores! Visit our showroom and see why SF Bay Area bargain-hunter Henry Tenebaum says, “Like no other mattress store.