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Beautyrest Black vs Select Sleep Mattress

When it comes to luxury mattresses, the Simmons Beautyrest Black line of beds comes to mind. The company promises “Sleep that indulges the senses...Sleep that’s so completely restorative and inspiring, it borders on the sacred.” That’s a pretty tall promise. Or is it just marketing hype?

It’s time to compare:

Beautyrest vs Select Sleep Mattress
Select Sleep Mattress VS
Select Sleep Mattress

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Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest Black is actually the brand name of a line of mattresses, available in different sizes and firmness. The line’s claim to fame is it’s advanced pocketed coil technology, which uses three-stranded coils in a spiral shape. The line also includes beds with memory foam (Black ICE™) and a Beautyrest Black hybrid model. Beautyrest is made by the Simmons Bedding Company, the third largest mattress manufacturer in the United States.

Custom Beds by Select Sleep

Select Sleep, founded in 2000, has spent much of the last two decades perfecting its manufacturing processes so that it can quickly and professionally build beds to order. Any number of materials can be used in this process, including various memory foams, innerspring systems, and more. This means that together, you and Select Sleep choose the materials that suit your particular tastes when it comes to the feel of your custom-made bed.

Head-to-Head Bed Comparison

We found that many consumers try a Beautyrest Black because they have found other beds to be uncomfortable. That's why they are willing to pay a little more to get the sleep they want. With prices ranging from $1,700 to $3,500, they certainly are paying more.

That's also why it was so surprising to see Beautyrest Black reviews coming out so negative. Reviewers were surprised at the lack of quality and durability in mattresses meant to be a luxury line.

Some specific comments included:

“The stuffing was coming out of BOTH mattresses due to poor quality stitching. The fabric was bunched and gathered causing the mattress' seams to not be smooth.”

“I have woke up with a sore back each day and I am so disappointed. So I have an uncomfortable bed and I am out over $4,000.00.”

“I hate this mattress... I was told it would "break in". It did not.”

“After three weeks I noticed that it had horrible sagging and my back was killing me when I woke up. Didn't put it together till we went on vacation for a week and I noticed that after sleeping on the hotel mattress my back pain went away. Came back home and it was back again.”

“Not for heavy people!”

In fact, independent product review site Consumer Affairs has a lifetime rating of only one star for Simmons Beautyrest Black beds--with over 472 negative Beautyrest Black reviews and counting.

The truth is that Beautyrest Black is like most other mattresses. Mass produced in order to keep costs down. Rather than design a bed to fit individual people and how they sleep, they created a cost-effective bed and hoped that people would come to like it. As we’ve seen, many don’t.

We firmly believe custom building a bed is the best way to get a luxury bed. That way, the mattress can be tailored to the particular needs and tastes of the sleeper. If you are a side sleeper or a bit heavy, or just want a softer bed with little to “break in,” Select Sleep can easily build a bed to those specifications.

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How can you really tell if a mattress gives you luxury sleep?

It’s understandable why people are drawn to the Beautyrest Black brand. The mystique of the black color in their brochures, the photos of mattresses with mood all looks like it should be a luxury brand.

Don’t let the marketing fool you.

The shocking truth is that, like most mattresses, it is mass produced. Mass produced is not bad, by itself. But it means that the mattress you get ultimately depends on the quality control at the factory. As thousands have found, this isn’t always up to snuff.

Our humble opinion is that, if you are going to pay that much for a mattress, it better be well made and suited to your individual tastes. It’s not that hard to do. We’ve been doing it for decades. In fact, we often cater to those who tried other luxury brands and were frustrated. We've also never had a return because of our 6-month comfort guarantee.

But don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to read the Beautyrest Black reviews yourself, especially those from Consumer Affairs.

Then come to our store and see how much you can save while still getting a high quality, customized bed. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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