Couple Loving on Select Sleep Mattress, the best flippable mattress available.

The Best Flippable Mattress In The USA

Have you had a chance to try the best flippable mattress in the U.S.?

A flippable mattress (also known as a double-sided mattress or two-sided mattress) is one where there are multiple surfaces to sleep on, allowing you to choose which surface (and firmness) works best for you. By contrast, a traditional one-sided mattress sleeps on only one surface: The top.

While most brands (like the Serta flippable mattress) give you a flippable mattress with two sleeping surfaces-- top and bottom-- our patent-pending Select Sleep Mattress gives you four possible sleeping surfaces so you can find what is most comfortable for you. Just flip it, depending on your preferences.

Wait, four sleeping surfaces? How is that possible?

Select Sleep Mattress. Most Versatile 8 in 1 Bed on the Planet. Simply the best flippable mattress on the market!

4 Layers, 8 Distinct Comfort Feels

The Select Sleep mattress is composed of four distinct layers that vary in their feel and firmness. These layers are not fixed but can be arranged in eight distinct ways. Each way that you arrange them gives you a different feel and firmness.

These eight comfort combinations are distinctly different, to meet any sleep style or need.

The four distinct comfort layers include:

  1. A Conforming Gel Memory Layer – A cooling gel that reacts to body heat and pressure to better conform to your body as you sleep.
  2. A Resilatex Layer – A livelier sleep surface with more of that traditional bounce you’re used to with traditional coil beds.
  3. A CertiPUR ResilaFirm Layer – A High density, firmer foam certified by the rigorous standards of CertiPUR-US for healthier sleep and support.
  4. A CertiPUR ResilaSoft Layer – A softer but more resilient foam for healthy, cuddly sleep.

With 8 distinct feels, Select Sleep Mattress has your comfort covered. For some features of other’s beds that do not improve comfort, see this report from Consumer Reports.

The Best Flippable Mattress Delivered to Your Door

One of the cool things about a flippable mattress--especially one with eight different sleep configurations!-- is that you can feel better about buying the bed online, sight unseen.

When most folks buy a traditional mattress, they will hop from store to store to find one that is “just right” for the way they sleep. Years ago, we here at Select Sleep changed our manufacturing methods so that customers would not have to shop several stores: They could just create a custom mattress of their very own, right in our own showroom.

But this left us asking: How do we replicate this experience with an online purchase? Our answer was: The Select Sleep mattress.

Our Select Sleep Mattress takes the idea of a double-sided mattress (two-sided mattress) and takes it up a notch-- our flippable mattress is technically a quad-sided, multiple configuration mattress!

To get a custom sleep with the convenience of online shopping and at-home delivery, all you have to do it:

  1. Order online. We promise it will be quick and painless!
  2. Apply a deal/offer, if you have one handy. (If not, see here.)
  3. Your Select Sleep Mattress will be shipped soon after payment is confirmed. Shipping is Free.
  4. The bed will come in a conveniently-sized 16″x 16″x 45″ box, shipped to your front door. Track your order so that you know when it is due to arrive!
  5. Remove the bed from the box and give it a few hours to relax and fully “open”.
  6. Then, follow the instructions for flipping the layers to get just the right combination for you!
  7. The Select Sleep Mattress does not need a break-in period... but your body does!  Give your body several weeks to get used to the new bed before trying a different configuration.

Deals on the Best Flippable Mattress Money Can Buy?

Yes, we do offer regular deals on our Select Sleep mattress. We want everyone to experience what custom sleep feels like, and we don’t want to let prices or budgets get in our way!

Select Sleep Mattress comes with an amazing 365-Night Sleep Trial!