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You’ll Never Sleep Better Than You Do On Custom Beds

Singers, actresses, and yes, even kings and princesses have slept in luxury custom beds for over a century. While the beds of the elite can cost upwards of $55,000 (ouch), great custom beds are still within the reach of the average American’s budget. And the sleep that they afford is still second to none.

Woman stretching after a night of sleep on one of her custom beds

Why is it that custom beds provide better sleep than most?

  1. A better process. If you’ve purchased a mattress, you’ve probably been through the routine of lying on dozens of models, trying to find one that works for you. Why not spend that energy to find the right combination of materials you need for a good night’s sleep? At Select Sleep, you can try out a number of different mattress feels and materials right in our store.
  2. Adjustable firmness. We all know that some people prefer a firmer mattress for support while others like a softer, more plush mattress for comfort. Most manufacturers create 4-5 mattress types in each line to cover a range of firmness; but with a custom mattress, you can zero-in on the exact level that works for you.
  3. “Bounce.” Some people like the sink-into-the-bed feeling of memory foam, while others hate it, preferring the playful bounce of an innerspring. Most people like a little of both. With a custom bed, you can find the level of bounce that is right for you.
  4. High quality, natural materials. Most mass-market mattress manufacturers use materials that are easier to work with on production lines. These aren’t always the best or most environmentally friendly materials. When you get a custom bed, you can either build your mattress entirely out of natural and environmentally conscious materials or choose specific components you would like to include in the mattress.
  5. A bed that caters to your needs. Some beds are great for back sleepers, but not side-sleepers or stomach sleepers. Some are the other way around. Your height, weight, and a tendency for tossing and turning all affect the kind of bedding you will find comfortable. With a custom bed, you can find the kind of mattress for your particular height, weight, and movement.
  6. Peace of mind. If you’ve had a hand in creating your custom mattress (and you do, with Select Sleep) you know that your mattress will work for you and that you’ll have the best sleep you’ve had in a while. Peace of mind itself will help you sleep!
  7. Comfort guarantee. That said, it’s always possible that you don’t get exactly the bed you need the first time around. Maybe after sleeping on your custom bed for a month, you discover you need a firmer or softer mattress. This is where a comfort guarantee becomes important. For example, Select Sleep offers a 6-month comfort guarantee where you can return your mattress and Select Sleep will make changes and adjustments so that it’s right. We won’t rest until your mattress is perfect for you!

Outside of sleeping, there are a number of reasons why you might want a custom bed. For example, many of our clients need a custom size mattress for a foreign-made bed, historical bed, or odd-sized sleeping space on a boat or RV.

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But Isn’t This Going to Cost Me a Lot?

That’s a fair question. Custom beds are not new, but they have traditionally been a luxury that only the very rich could afford. Remember that $55,000 price tag? Those mattresses are out there.

But manufacturing techniques and bedding technology have come a long way since those luxury brands got their start a century ago. Here at Select Sleep, we can easily make a custom bed for the same price or lower than a luxury big-name brand in the U.S. It took some tweaking on our part, but the result is the ability to custom make beds for a wider market.

Combine our level of customization with our 6-month comfort guarantee, and you can see why we’ve never had a bed returned to us in our 17+ years in business!

We do appreciate your being budget conscious, however. So try a custom bed from Select Sleep, and we’ll sweeten the deal:

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Questions? Or just unsure about how we can customize a bed for your unique needs?