A couple sleeping peacefully on their custom made mattress

3 Reasons Custom Mattresses Are The Best

Custom mattresses have been around for a long time; custom “craft” beds were made by hand for wealthier clients looking for a little bit of luxury, or who were looking for custom size beds. For most people, though, an affordable bed meant one that was massed produced. That’s no longer the case. At Select Sleep, for example, we figured out how to manufacture custom beds using modern techniques, making custom mattresses affordable for everyone...while still keeping that “luxury feel.” Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider a custom bed:

Reason #1: Everyone Sleeps Differently

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” mattress. Some people prefer a firmer, more supportive mattress, and some like a softer plush mattress. Some people sleep on their back, and some on their side, and some on their stomach-- depending on what position you prefer, you will need different kinds of support.

Sleeping on a bed that isn't a custom size mattress can cause discomfort

Read some of the many online reviews for mass-market mattresses. You will often find folks saying things like “This seems like a great mattress, but it’s not good for side sleepers,” or “This mattress sinks far too much, especially if you are a little overweight.” A mattress that might seem good to most might be awful for you, depending on how you sleep. With a custom-made mattress, you can find the right combination of materials, layered in the right way, to suit your unique sleep needs.

Reason #2: There’s Freedom in Choice

People like to choose. Do you have a specific way you like your pizza? Have you ever decorated a room in your house or apartment to have the right look and feel? Or ever try to put together the dream vacation?  With choice, you are in control--and you can get things just right. The right pizza is something we enjoy for a few moments, and a dream vacation lasts a week or two at most. But our bed is something we spend one-third of our day on, and it lasts for years at a stretch. Don’t we have a right to choose what that bed would be like, too?

Reason #3: Custom Mattresses are Just as Affordable

A luxury-mass-produced bed can easily run between $1,800 and $3,000, or even more. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money, shouldn’t you be able to get exactly the bed you want? The price of mattress material has been coming down over the years, and we have the technology to design and create bed layers quickly and easily. This means that a custom bed by Select Sleep is an affordable choice.

A mattress salesman measuring custom mattresses for a client

Make Sure Custom Means Custom

There are many beds that offer a “customized” sleep surface because they are adjustable (for example, Sleep Number beds). These are not bad beds--but do you really need to adjust your bed routinely? Or is it easier to create a bed customized for you (and your partner) to begin with? The right way to customize your bed is to discover what you like, and then tweak your bed of choice until it’s just right. That’s why here at Select Sleep we invite you to our showroom to try different materials and work with you to find the right combination for your bed.

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If you find that you’re not getting quite the sleep you were hoping for, you have a six-month window for making adjustments and improvements to your bed. We call this our 6-Month Comfort Guarantee: If within six months, you need an adjustment or change, we will make that change for free. This gives you plenty of time to try out your new bed and see what, exactly, works for you. The adjustments will be made the same day, so you won’t have to worry about having to go without your new custom mattress!

Select Sleep has been custom making beds to order for years, and so we know a thing or two about finding the right bed for your needs and sleep habits. If you are ready to try a custom-made bed, just reach out to us or visit our showroom. You’ll find the process easier and more rewarding than trying out dozens upon dozens of mass-market beds at the big chain stores!


Questions? Or just unsure about how we can customize a bed for your unique needs?