A double sided mattress gives you options so you both can sleep well

The Best Double-Sided Mattress for Couples

Finding the perfect bed for ideal sleep is already hard enough. If you sleep with a partner, finding a bed that you both find comfortable can be nearly impossible. Different people have different comfort levels and sleep needs. How do you compromise? Going beyond the double mattress to a Select Sleep 8-in-1 comfort bed is the way to go.

Have you heard of a double mattress? It is also known as a flippable mattress or 2-sided mattress. With a double mattress, both surfaces are meant for sleeping. So, if you prefer a softer feel to your mattress, you could sleep on the soft side; if you need something firmer, you could flip it over and sleep on the firmer side.

The thing is, having two kinds of sleeping surface does not give you enough choices. The chances that one of those surfaces will seem comfortable to you and your partner are next to nil.

Think about it—if you’ve ever shopped for a mattress with another person, did you stop at two? Or did you try more? The average couple tries at least seven to nine different mattresses before they commit to buying one, to make sure they have a comfortable sleep surface both partners can agree on.

Don’t Think Double-Sided Mattress. Think 8-in-1

Trying out between seven and nine mattresses before making a purchase could work if you have the time to hop from bed to bed, store to store. (Although we think your time is better spent at one store creating a custom mattress, n.b.) If you want to buy online and have a mattress shipped to your house, how can you get this kind of choice?

It used to be that you couldn’t. Now you can, with the Select Sleep Mattress.

The Select Sleep Mattress starts with the idea of a double-sided mattress and takes it to the extreme. Instead of having two different sleeping surfacestop and bottomthe Select Sleep Mattress has four distinct layers that you can mix, match, and reorder. The result is eight different combinations with various levels of support and soft comfort.

If you’re going to find a compromise mattress with your partner, you’ll have much better luck trying out eight choices at home, rather than just one or two!

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What About Zone Sleeping?

“Wait,” you say, “what about zone mattresses?” Some mattresses advertise that they are not uniform, but rather are divided into “zones” where each sleeper can have a different feel on each side of the bed. Some of these are just split beds put together at the factory upon order, and others offer “adjustable comfort”Sleep Number, for example.

Having a bed in which each sleeper can have a different feel on his or her side is one way to ensure everyone gets the comfort they want. But such beds are notoriously expensive and have short lifespans (i.e., problems come up earlier rather than later).

Plus, you’ve now multiplied the effort you have to spend shopping: Essentially, two people are trying to find their exact comfort level. It’s like buying two mattresses! At that point, you may as well look into a custom bed.

Select Sleep Mattress, 8 in 1 Mattress - An Inside Look - Flippable, Double Sided Mattress

8 Choices Means Guaranteed Comfort, Better Health, and More

Think of some of the reasons why you and/or your partner might need a mattress better suited to each of you and the way you sleep:

  • A good night’s rest: Better sleep has been shown to improve mood and cognitive ability. When we are better rested, our day goes much more smoothly.
  • An end to back pain: Some 80% of the population will face back problems at some point in their lives, according to the American Chiropractic Association. The right mattress can help alleviate that morning back pain and decrease strain on your back and muscles throughout the day.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions make it harder to get the quality sleep you need. Having the right mattress has been shown to improve circulation, improve posture, take stress off the spine and limbs, and even help combat diabetes and heart disease.
  • Trying something new: Sometimes, you don’t know exactly which kind of mattress you want. If you and your partner are the “willing to try anything” types but still want a bed that’s modern and cool, an 8-in-1 is perfect for you. Besides, who doesn’t like having choices?

Compromise with Your Partner, not on Quality

With eight distinct choices, you’ll have plenty of room to compromise on the sleep surface that’s just right for you and your partner.

That said, don’t skip on quality. You might be tempted to go with a cheaper bed-in-a-box solution because the price seems more in line with your budget.

And while we would never ask you to buy more mattress than you can pay for, there are other factors to consider first. For example: Is the bed made from quality materials? Are the materials environmentally friendly? Is the bed one with a proven track record of helping other people sleep well? Does it come with a generous warranty? Does it come with a risk-free trial, and if so, for how long? (Hopefully at least 100 nights, so you have time to really try out your new mattress!)

Again, while your typical double mattress or 2-sided mattress has a lot to recommend, it can’t hold a candle to the possibilities that come with an 8-in-1. So stop reading alreadycontact us now with your questions, or to begin the ordering process!