Custom mattress alternatives from Select Sleep will help you get the best sleep you’ve ever had

3 Ways Select Sleep’s Mattress Alternatives Give You Better Sleep

If you’re shopping for a mattress, you’ve probably looked at a number of brands, and even some mattress alternatives. If you are at the end of your rope, paralyzed by endless choices none of which seem to fit you… you are not alone.

We’ve helped hundreds of people who have showed up to our Union City, CA showroom and who were fed up--both with traditional mattress sales and with the mattress products on offer at national chain stores.

After searching for unique beds and other alternatives to traditional beds all around the Bay area and online, they realized something: What they wanted was not something flashy or trendy, but something that could be unique to them.

Select Sleep offers custom mattress alternatives that are as unique as you are

Traditional Mattress Manufacturing vs. Custom

The way mattresses are typically made uses processes not meant to maximize comfort, but to maximize profits. To turn a profit, mattress companies have to make the same bed, thousands of times, in order to get an economy of scale. While they can do this for a few dozen sizes and firmness levels, they can’t come anywhere near customizing a bed for the individual.

There have got to be better mattress alternatives out there. And there are.

Here at Select Sleep, we have spent most of the last two decades perfecting our manufacturing processes so that we can quickly and professionally build beds made-to-order. Customers come to our showroom and test which materials give them the comfort and support they want and need. Then we use high-quality, natural materials to construct a custom mattress that exceeds their sleep needs.

Yes, this means that each customer can choose different materials and build for each later (comfort, support, and foundation) to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and support, top to bottom!

We feel that custom is the wave of the future: A true alternative to traditional beds that are mass produced as cheaply and quickly as possible.

You can get a custom mattress alternative from Select Sleep without the big sticker of other custom mattresses

Benefits of Custom Mattress Alternatives

    1. Something new, cool, and true to you. We would hate to use the term “artisanal bed,” but that’s the idea: Something made-to-order for you by a true craftsman. Most modern beds have yet to live up to their potential here.
    2. Great value. When folks hear “custom,” they usually think “expensive.” No wonder, when there are stories flying around the internet about $30,000 custom beds! But a real custom bed from our Union City, CA shop is very affordable-- less than most luxury models from a chain store. The mere fact that you can custom build it means that you can construct a mattress that fits your budget!
    3. Make a real difference to your health. Science has shown that your mattress can affect your circulation and daytime posture, which in turn has a ripple effect on your immune system, metabolism, and brain function. A custom mattress can help you minimize the issues keeping you from getting the most out of your sleep.

The 6-Month Comfort Guarantee

The idea of customization scares some people. What if you get the wrong materials? What if you like a firmer mattress is the showroom, but after a month wake up sore?

Of course, we try to get you the perfect mattress the first time around. But we also understand that you really have to use a mattress for a few months to know, for sure, that it is right for you.

That’s why we here at Select Sleep offer a 6-Month Comfort Guarantee. If at ANY TIME within the first 6 months after your mattress purchase you find that the mattress is no longer comfortable, call us. We will them make arrangements to pick up the mattress anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area and bring it back to our Union City workshop, where we will make any needed adjustments.

Still not sure, here are reasons from Men’s Journal why a personalized mattress alternative may be right for you.

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