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Mattress Firm vs Select Sleep Mattress

Looking for a Mattress Firm store, or seeing if there is a Mattress Firm Location near you? Before heading to a big chain store to try dozens of pre-made mattresses, consider what getting a custom mattress made specifically for you can do.

While Mattress Firm is a nationally known chain with a wide selection of beds, popularity is not what makes for a good night's’ sleep. You’ll want to find a retailer that you can feel good doing business with. 

It’s time to compare:

Mattress Firm vs Select Sleep
Select Sleep Mattress VS
Select Sleep Mattress

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Mattress Firm and Mattress Firm Beds

Since 1986, Mattress Firm has grown to a dizzying 3,600 retail stores across the United States. They mostly achieved this by acquiring other smaller mattress and bedding stores. Though the stores are in the U.S., the company owners, Steinhoff International, are a retail conglomerate based in South Africa. Steinhoff recently made news that it has to restate it’s finances as part of an ongoing accounting investigation.  As of this review, it is not clear whether they will have to sell or consolidate Mattress Firm. 

Mattress Firm offers a variety of name-brand beds at different price points. These come in standard sizes and firmness.

Custom Beds by Select Sleep

Select Sleep, founded in 2000, has spent much of the last two decades perfecting its manufacturing processes. As a result,  we can quickly and professionally build beds made-to-order. We mix and match layers to create a custom mattress tailored to your unique needs and comfort levels. In addition, we also only use the highest quality, natural materials. Finally, to ensure that the bed is right for you, we also offer a 6-Month Comfort Guarantee.

Head-to-Head Bed Comparison

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What about value and price?

People assume that custom-made beds are just as expensive as national name brands, if not more so. When price is off the table, they might be tempted to go with a national chain for convenience.

But price isn’t off the table. At Select Sleep, we own our manufacturing floor and showroom outright. 

Without wholesalers, distributors, and other middlemen, there are no needless markups. In fact, many of our custom mattresses are less expensive than comparable beds in national chain stores.

Mattress Firm beds typically come from reputable manufacturers—but don’t let that fact fool you into thinking that you’ll get a square deal.

Who you buy from is almost as important as what you buy.

In fact, before you head in to custom-build a Select Sleep, you should download our 20% off coupon first!

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