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So how are we unique? For starters, we're the only 4-sided bed-in-the-box available today!

As you well know, this market started with a few bed-in-a-box brands. Today, there are over 100.

But the most common trait across most every leading bed-in-a-box mattress is that they are one-sided.

And that simply means they get their customers to conform to a mattress offering only "one feel."

Introducing Select Sleep Mattress

The all-new, most versatile, 8-in 1 mattress.  It has 4 sleep surfaces to give you 8 unique comfort and support feels. With ease, you can flip for warm or cool, conforming or bouncy, and soft or firm feels.

It's that simple! Now consumers the truly experience the sleep they deserve - and long for!

We believe you'll agree; Select Sleep Mattress is truly a bed for everyBODY.

Let's End the Conflict

The one-size fits all pitch is outdated and overused.  The truth is, everyone's body is unique and requires specific needs.

We're so confident in our mattress that we offer a 365-night sleep trial.

We believe that is a fresh and breaking story to write about!

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Most leading bed-in-a-box brands offer a one-sided mattress that provides that "just-right" feel! But is that even possible?

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