Select Sleep Mattress Versus

Sleep Number vs Select Sleep Mattress

Shopping for a new mattress, and considering a Sleep Number or other customizable bed? You will be bombarded with sales and deals, trust us. At the end of the day, you should work with a mattress retailer who can find the your perfect bed. Two options consumers have when it comes to custom-fit beds are the Sleep Number bed, and a custom mattress from Select Sleep. Which is right for you?

It’s time to compare:

Sleep Number vs Select Sleep Mattress
Select Sleep Mattress VS
Select Sleep Mattress

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The Sleep Number Mattress

Sleep Number beds are advertised as letting you “adjust the firmness, comfort and support on each side.” They do this by putting layers of bed material over a layer of air pockets. The pockets can then be inflated or deflated using a simple controller. As a result, the sleeper gets some control over how much he or she sinks into the bed.

Custom-Fit Beds by Select Sleep

At Select Sleep, customers come to our showroom and test which materials give them the comfort and support they need. Next, we then use high-quality natural materials to construct a custom mattress for that specific customer. Adjustment with a controller is not needed, since the bed is tailored to the sleeper from the start (though we do offer a 6-Month Comfort Guarantee where we will make any change you need to get you the perfect mattress). Finally, each side can also be customized differently for each partner.

Head-to-Head Bed Comparison

To better understand what each company has to offer, it helps to compare a specific bed for a specific purpose.

We find that many customers shopping for a Sleep Number bed want to relieve various medical conditions. Things such as back pain, poor circulation, or just recovering from an accident seem to be their reasons for shopping. For this, a shopper might select the P5 from their Performance series, which has:

  • An 11 inch Profile
  • A top cover layer
  • A 2-inch thick plush foam comfort layer
  • 5 inflatable chambers(to add its air) surrounded by a supportive base foundation

While this construction can modify the firmness of the mattress somewhat, you have to be awake to do so.

This bed is not ideal, then, for night time adjustment for comfort.

By contrast, a Select Sleep bed is not made to be adjustable.

Instead, you get to try out different layers of material for the comfort and support layers in order to find the best, most comfortable, most supportive combination for you.

People with medical conditions often find that they need a very precise level of support, as well as cradling comfort.

Both beds require testing to find that combination. However, Select Sleep beds tend to be a little more price competitive, especially if you can get a deal.

This can be an important consideration if medical bills or therapy are leaving you a little cash strapped.

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What about value and price?

People assume that custom-made beds are going to be super expensive. In addition, people often think that national brands, like Sleep Number, can be made more affordable.

This is not necessarily true.  For example, at Select Sleep, we own our own manufacturing floor and showroom.

This means no needless markups, so we can pass the savings along to you, the customer.

Don’t take our word for it.  Look for Sleep Number Deals. Shop a Sleep Number Sale.

Then compare the price of a Sleep Number System bed with a custom-made bed from Select Sleep. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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