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What Is A Flippable Mattress?

Shopping for a mattress can be tiring and confusing. There are way, way too many options on the market today. Different materials, different feels, different features…it is way too easy to purchase the wrong mattress and end up with an even poorer night’s sleep.

That very confusion is what leads many people to research flippable mattresses and to ask what the difference is between a two-sided and a one-sided mattress.

The truth is that flippable mattresses used to be quite common until manufacturers realized that they could make one-sided mattresses more cheaply.

But both are “old school” technology when it comes to today’s 8-in-1 flippable mattresses.

What is a Flippable Mattress?

A flippable mattress is one where you can sleep on multiple surfaces.

Sometimes, each surface will have its own distinct “comfort feel.” To choose which feel you would like to sleep on, you have only to flip the mattress to the appropriate side—hence the name. Other flippable mattresses have the same feel on each side; these are made to be flipped for reasons of durability/longevity.

By contrast, a traditional one-sided mattress sleeps on only one surface:

The top. You can adjust this feel by adding a mattress topper, but this is an additional expense, and can only work to change the feel of the bed by so much.

Flippable Mattress - Select Sleep Mattress

Is a Flippable Mattress the Same Thing as a Two-Sided Mattress?

Yes and no.

Traditionally, the terms “two-sided mattress” and “double-sided mattress” have meant the same thing as “flippable mattress,” simply because the only flippable mattresses available had just two sides!

That all has changed with the introduction of Select Sleep’s 8-in-1 flippable mattress. This mattress has four sleeping surfaces which can be arranged for eight different comfort feels. So, although it is technically a flippable mattress, it has more than two sides to sleep on!

However, if you shop around, most other manufacturers and resellers will use the term “flippable mattress” to mean something with two sides. So, read carefully before you buy!

Two-Sided Mattress vs. One-Sided vs. Select Sleep’s 8-in-1: The Benefits

What can a two-sided mattress give you that a one-sided mattress can’t?

This depends on whether the two sides of your flippable mattress sleep the same, or not.

For the most flippable mattress, each side sleeps the same, i.e. has the same comfort feel. The reason that you would flip the mattress is one of durability. As you use a mattress, the material conforms to your body and “breaks in.” This is a good thing, as it makes sleeping more comfortable. But it also puts stress on the mattress materials.

When you flip the mattress, you can get the same feel on the other side, including the same firmness (or softness) and support. Meanwhile, the other side of the mattress has a chance to “rest” and work itself out, regaining some of its shapes. This means a much longer lifespan for your mattress. Flippable mattress tends to be made with fewer cheap materials, too.

The downside, of course, is the actual flipping, which can be awkward. Some manufacturers suggest flipping as often as every twelve weeks, which seems a little excessive, frankly.

Some flippable mattresses offer different comfort feels on each side. This means that each side feels different when you sleep on it. Unlike a mattress where two sides are the same, this is less for durability and more for variety. By having a different feel on each side, the sleeper can choose which feel works for them.

This same principle is at work in the 8-in-1 by Select Sleep, the difference being that you have eight choices to sample from, not just two. This makes it much easier to zero in on the feel that works just right for you.

But wait: How does a single mattress manage to offer up eight different feels?

Flippable Mattress - Select Sleep Mattress

Select Sleep Technology: Using Flippable Pieces to Make a Customizable Bed

People like the feel of a custom bed. We should know; we’ve been selling them in our showroom since 2000!

It’s tricky to give someone a customized bed through the internet, however. Shopping online and getting home delivery is incredibly convenient, we grant that. In fact, in 2017, the estimated value of online mattress sales in the U.S. reached approximately $1.5 billion, according to the U.S.A. Today.

But shopping in retail stores still has one advantage: You can try out a bunch of different mattresses to see what you like.

That’s why we worked so hard to create the Select Sleep. We wanted people to have the ability to try different kinds of beds, just like they do in a store…but with all the convenience of a bed-in-a-box.

So how do we get eight different possible feels in one mattress?

  • Start with two layers. Our mattress has two distinct pieces, which can be arranged and flipped independently of each other to get up to 8 unique comfort feels.
  • Two ways to arrange the layers. The layers can be rearranged with one or the other on top. Depending on which one is on top, you get different ranges of firmness and coolness.
  • Two sides per layer. Each layer also has two sides with two distinct feels to them. Flipping them puts a different layer on top.

So, putting this all together you get:

  • 2 layers X 2 ways to arrange X 2 sides per layer = 8 different combinations of feels!

The following picture will give you a better idea of how our flippable mattresses can be combined and recombined for different feels:

Select Sleep Mattress - Firmer (cooler) to Softer (warmer)

We think this makes the Select Sleep one of the best flippable mattresses available on the market.

If you are interested in finding out more, please see our product page.

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Benefits of a Customizable Mattress

What sort of difference does a customizable mattress make? Or, more bluntly, why does it matter that you can choose from eight different custom feels?

Having a bed type that matches your body and the way you sleep can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. According to WebMD, people with different kinds of sleep issues have reported that different kinds of mattresses help them to sleep better, although the science is still catching up with people’s reported sleep experiences.

Personal experience tells us this is the case, too. Have you ever slept on a bed in a hotel, or at a family member’s house, and just wished that it were a little firmer? Or a little softer? And did you notice yourself tossing and turning more as a result? Or waking up with a stiff neck or sore back?

Getting the right kind of mattress for your body and your sleep style has been known to:

  • Reduce nighttime waking due to tossing and turning
  • Reduce morning stiffness and pain
  • Improve posture
  • Improve circulation
  • Ease nighttime breathing
  • Better regulate body temperature
  • Increase daytime energy and functioning

All the more reason to find a mattress that works right for your body. Now you can do this when shopping online for a mattress, too. In fact, the Select Sleep mattress can even be changed to give you a different feel if and when your body changes.

In short: Stop settling for your run-of-the-mill flippable mattress.

Get customization, comfort, and durability with a Select Sleep!